NanoSilvex P-01- Conductive Paste


NanoSilvex TM P-01
Our conductive paste, NanoSilvex TM P-01 utilizes our Nano Silver Strand technology
together with a proprietary ink formulation and silver flake to create a conductive paste perfect
for creating flexible circuits.
Nano Silver Strands in combination with silver flakes are inherently more stable and durable,
while also proving a lower profile than a pure silver flake circuit. Nano Silver Strands are
thermodynamically stable because their major surfaces crystal planes are in the lowest energy
state, whereas silver nanowires are at the highest energy level. The unique crystal structure of
Nano Silver Strands makes it durable under thermal, electrical and chemical stress.
If you want a conductive paste with different specifications please contact us so we can
discuss how we can provide a product to fit your needs.

Volume Resistivity: 1×10 -5 Ω/-1×10 -4Ω/
Viscosity: 5000cp – 40,000cp
Silver content: 10wt%-30wt%


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100 ml

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