We’re Looking for a Development Chemist!

NanoCnet is a K-W startup with technology that seeks to develop a market for its novel product, ‘nanostrands’ of silver in the field of electronics.  Currently, we have an open position for a Development Chemist in our team. The Development Chemist reports to the CTO and will become instrumental in the production, development and testing of the company’s nanomaterial in support of customers in different verticals in the electronics field.  Regular interactions with the company’s startup team will provide guidance on the development program and testing and also with the professional development of the successful candidate. The Development Chemist will initially operate within the Velocity incubator and interface with the Velocity management team regularly to ensure protocols are being adhered to consistently.  Interactions with others in support of the business’s growth including other UofWaterloo labs, and suppliers of materials and equipment are required on a regular basis. This is a ‘ground floor’ opportunity and the successful candidate will be instrumental in securing the strategic intention of the company.  Compensation for the position is commensurate with the candidate’s experience and qualifications, including academic, interpersonal and technical.  The company anticipates a full-time position, but is open to candidates who may wish to pursue the work on a part-time basis.”

Title: Development Chemist

Reporting to: Chief Technical Officer

Academic Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree, in mechanical or material engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering or nano-engineering or related fields, is a minimum requirement for the position.

Skills & Capabilities: Excellent interpersonal skills as well as verbal and written skills are required to be effective.  Report writing and technical instruction writing are requirements of the position that will utilize the excellent written communication skills of the successful candidate.  Interfacing with others inside the company, with customers, board members and other external parties will be supported by the excellent verbal communication skills required.

Critical thinking skills and strategic thinking skills will help create success in the position.

Being solutions-focused and proactive by nature is required to be successful.  Courage and collaborative skills are characteristics of the successful candidate.

Technical skills: The technical skills required for the position include chemical synthesis and ink formulation, experimental design and test setup design, and the use of specialized equipment to evaluate the characteristics of the material produced.  Training will be provided for the use of specialized equipment.

Nature of the Position: salaried, within the meaning of the Ontario Employment Standards Act (2000).

Hours of Work: 40 hours per week

Salary: subject to negotiation

Benefits: subject to negotiation; potentially incorporated into the base salary

To Apply:

Email your cover letter, resume, contact information of your references, and supporting documents to: Hiring@nanocnet.com.


About NanoCnet


To be highly recognized, economically rewarded and the most widely accepted nano material supplier in the electronic materials space.


To deliver Canadian-made nanomaterials to customers so they can optimize their applications in terms of function and cost and in return allow the company to grow, become profitable and ultimately expand its offering to shareholders and stakeholders.


Customer-focused – having the desire and capacity to listen and react to customers’ input such that the company becomes continuously engaged in improving service and product offerings.

Innovative – finding ways to improve processes and products such that customers find an ongoing relationship rewarding.

Ethical – delivering a morally sound business culture to employees, stakeholders, shareholders and competitors and to the community at large.

POSITION PROFILE: “Development Chemist

The candidate will learn and execute the material production and ink formulation using the company’s nanomaterials, undertake experiments with the nanostrands that indicate application benefits to prospective and active customers and from time to time design and fabricate testing equipment.  These processes will also be supported by the CTO through hands-on interactions and instruction.  The shipping of products and the preparation of quality documents that accompany shipping will be the responsibility of the successful candidate. The candidate will be successful when they are able to consistently interact with the Velocity Laboratory Manager in weekly meetings that consider safety, cleanliness of the laboratory the management of wastes.  The candidate must also be successful in sourcing, and evaluating the total costs of ownership as well as negotiating the purchase cost of materials and equipment to operate the production activities.  These purchasing activities will be supported by the Chief Technical Officer.

Dimensions of the Production Chemist

Technical Dimensions

The candidate will have each of the following technical dimensions:

Intellectual Capability – a sound understanding of chemistry, lab work and the ability to inter-relate products, characteristics of materials and performance.

Detail Focus – recognition that minor variations in processes and inputs can change results in processing, such that variation is identified, understood and eliminated whenever possible.

Methodical Approach – an approach to technical work that creates results of good quality consistently.

Planning – an ability to see and make effective plans to produce work of good quality in all areas of responsibility in an efficient manner.

Business Dimensions

Results Orientation – an ability to maintain focus on results in the evaluation of what to do and why at all times; a focus on internal and external customer needs.

Problem Identification – an ability to assess the root cause of process problems and recommend the necessary changes to avoid repetition of the problematic situation.

Strategy Development – an ability to think strategically about the process, the products and the application of the products in order to improve the customer experience.

Resource Management – an ability to utilize the company’s limited resources in the most optimum way, including time, materials and space.

Documentation – an ability to document the various procedures, expectations of experiments and results of experiments in a clear and exact manner.

Interpersonal Dimensions

Relationship Building – the capacity to engage with others, to collaborate communicate, negotiate and ultimately to integrate inputs from others in order to make improvements in outcomes.

Adaptability – an ability to flex to different business needs without undue stress such that high standards are achieved regardless of the area of work being engaged.

Presentation – a capacity to engage others through verbal and non-verbal means in a way that allows others to be comfortable and accepting of ideas and material being presented.

Drive – the internal capacity that desires to advance on a continuous basis in professional matters, whether this is technical understanding or business understanding.

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