NanoSilvex T-01S- Solar Transparent Conductive Ink


This ink is based on our general Transparent Conductive Ink but has been tweaked to work specifically for solar applications. This transparent conductive ink is flexible, durable, economical, transparent, and able to withstand the energy requirements for solar applications.

NanoCnet’s T01S Transparent Solar Ink works well for all PV technologies such as Perovskite, Organic, CIGS, and traditional silicon cells due to our silver particles being at a low energy state. We are able to maintain this durability and transparency due to our unique silver nanoparticle the Nano Silver Strand. Our Silver Strand creation is completely chemically synthesized meaning a more stable, ecofriendly, and long-lasting conductive ink even when used on less stable PV technologies such as Perovskite and Organic Cells.

This ink has also been designed to work extremely well with all conventional commercial printing applications such as roll to roll printing techniques and is non-toxic, water-based, and easy to clean and ship.

If you require any specific qualities for your transparent electrode please let us know and we can ensure that the ink your using is perfectly suited to your application.

NOTE: NanoCnet has worked with many Perovskite, Organic semiconductors, graphene, and other PV and printed electronics companies. If you need a more full-featured solution please contact us and we can manufacturer in-house or reach out to our network of printed electric companies.


Transparency: 60%-85%
Sheet Resistance: 1 Ω/-200Ω/
Viscosity:5000cp – 40000cp
Silver Strand content: 0.25wt%-1.5wt%

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Transparency: 60%-85%
Sheet Resistance: 1 Ω/-200Ω/
Viscosity:5000cp – 40000cp*
Silver Strand content: 0.25wt%-1.5wt%


*Please let us know your required Viscosity

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