Our Story

We at NanoCnet are a small startup out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Our journey started at the University of Waterloo where our founders Ehsan Marzban (Ph.D. in Nano Technology) and Hadi Hosseinzadeh(Ph.D. in Nano Technology) were working in Nano Technology. They noticed that a promising silver NanoParticle Nano Silver wires would quickly oxidize and lose their shape, and ultimately their effectiveness over time. After some extensive test, they figured out that this was due to the atomic plains that silver atoms were situated in being at a very high energy state. This they realized meant that the atoms of the material would quickly move as soon as exposed to elements or current. Dr.Marzban and Dr. Hosseinzadeh discovered a way to synthesize a similar long thin wire-like particle which atomic structure was far more stable.

On top of the reliability improvements, this material was able to be produced at room temperature through a chemical synthesizing process creating a material that was easier, cheaper and more eco-friendly to produce. The Nano Silver strand was born which soon led to the creation of NanoCnet.

Originally  Dr.Marzban and  Dr. Hosseinzadeh wanted to sell just the Nano Silver Strands which companies could incorporate into their own formulations but found that the market required a conductive ink, Partnering with experts from xenon we were able to create our first three formulations containing our Nano Silver Strands, a  flexible transparent conductive ink, a  flexible paste, and a  flexible transparent heater.

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Once the ink was developed Mitchell Peerless joined our team in the business department who was tasked with the difficult project of bringing our small startup’s material to large well-established companies. We soon also brought on Tristan Jones a digital marketing specialist to look after our digital presence.

We are continuing to work tirelessly to show the world the ability and applications of our silver strands.

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