With the world on the cusp of cheaper, more efficient, and easier to produce solar cells, unique new solar conductive inks are needed

Photovoltaic (PV) technologies such as  Perovskite, Organic, CIGS, and Graphine cells show that technological advances in solar will change the way we produce energy in the future. To be able to achieve NanoCnet has produced unique solar conductive inks using our Nano Silver Strand technology.

Transparent solar electrode

T-01S Solar Trasparent Electrode

New PV technologies require solar conductive inks that allow light to travel through multiple layers. We at NanoCnet have come up with the solution. Our T-01S Transparent Solar Electrode ink is explicitly designed to overcome all of the current hurdles with new and even existing PV technologies.


Our T-01S is made up of our Proprietary Nano Silver Strands, which makes it extremely stable even when added to more volatile materials common in Organic, Perovskite, and CIGS cells. All of this well being easy to print well remaining the cost of nearly a third of competing technologies.


With our material, we can reach upwards of 85% transparency, Sheet resistances of 1 Ω/-200Ω/ without worry of degradation with the addition of energy (both solar and electric). This combination of qualities makes our material perfect for Bifacial or traditional solar panels.


Owing to our Specialty nanoparticles 1-dimensional shape, our inks can withstand repeated sharp bends without losing conductivity.


Due to our unique manufacturing process, we can produce high quality Transparent solar Ink at extremely reasonable rates

NanoSilvex T-01S- Solar Transparent Conductive Ink

NanoCnets hybrid silver paste

NanoSilvex P-01- Conductive Paste

Well, transparent electrodes are perfect for increasing efficiency by increasing energy reaching the cells; many solar manufacturers still require a paste to carry a high degree of current without the need for transparency. We have a solution in the form of our Hybrid silver paste. This solar conductive ink has many advantages, including:

Lower Needed silver load

Conventional Silver pastes have a problem: they require a high load of silver (around 70% by weight) to carry the amount of current being produced. This means that silver paste pricing is volatile and high directly related to the market cost of silver.

Our solution overcomes both the Price and thickness issue through the simple addition of our long thin Nano Silver Strands. With the addition of our silver strands to silver flake nanoparticles, we can bridge between the burlier silver flake. This combination maintains the ability to carry large degrees of current well reducing the amount of silver by weight required (down to 15% silver). 

Reduced thinkness meaning more flexibility

Conventional Silver pastes need to be applied relatively thick to ensure adequate contact of the silver nano particle in the paste. By adding our Nano Silver Strands, we can increase the amount of contact between the silver flake allowing for a thinner, more flexible electrode.

More economical More versitile

This combination of attributes means our silver paste will allow you to make better, more flexible panels at a far reduced cost.

Printing with our Solar Conductive Inks

With new Perovskite, Organic, and CIGS technologies, photovoltaics is moving to higher volume lower cost manufacturing strategies. These new methods of manufacturing solar PV’s mean that all material used have to be able to keep up. Both of our solar inks work with all conventional printing strategies and printing substrates. Some of the most common forms of printing that our Ink is being used with are flexographic, Gravure, spray coating, screen printing as well as smaller typically prototyping methods such as spin coating and Mierod coating.

The movement away from glass to flexible plastics also meant that conductive inks could no longer require high-temperature sintering or curing process. We have designed our inks with this in mind and can confidently say our inks do not require a high-temperature sintering or curing process.

Environmentally friendly

We are proud to say that all of our Inks are environmentally friendly to create and use.

Our process to create our Nano Silver Strands is a room temperature synthesis without harmful byproducts. Additionally, our Inks are water-based (unless requested) and non-toxic, able to be cleaned solely by water. At NanoCnet, we strive to ensure that we are creating a cleaner, brighter tomorrow with everything we make.

If you have any other questions about our inks for solar applications, please let us know by contacting us or if you have specific needs by filling out our tailored ink form. We work hard with our customers to ensure that our solutions fit perfectly with their products and manufacturing process.

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