Transparent Flexible Paste
At NanoCnet, our material, Nano Silver Strands, is at the cutting edge of conductive nanoparticles. We […]
One of the most exciting upcoming technologies in the field of electronics is transparent, flexible, conductive […]
Bottle of Nano Silver strands in water
We at NanoCnet are launching a new product line at IDTechEx on November 20 th. This […]
SENER will work with the Limmat Group and Nanocnet start-ups within the BIND 4.0 program
Korean venture firm considers legal action against C3nano over tech leak concerns
Flexible electronics a possibility with Velocity Fund winner’s NanoCnet’s new material
Waterloo startup NanoCnet rolls out next gen nanomaterial for flexible transparent electrodes
Failure of silver nanowire transparent electrodes under current flow
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