Hadi Hosseinzadeh CEO of the NanoCnet team

Hadi Hosseinzadeh

Phd Nano Technology

Hadi is Responsible for running the business and applying his expertise in the lab ensuring our products are a perfect fit for your needs.

Ehsan Marzban the CTO of the NanoCnet team

Ehsan Marzban

Phd Nano Technology

Ehsan manages all the R&D and customer support activities. He also brings ten years of business experience to help get our customers the product they need.

Mitchell Peerless Head of business for the NanoCnet team

Mitchell Peerless

Marketing and Business

MSc International Business

Mitchell is in charge of getting our Nano Silver Strands into the hands of people who can do wonderful things with them.

Marcel Breton Consultant for the NanoCnet team

Marcel Breton

Ink Development Consultant
PhD in Photochemistry and Photophysic

Marcel brings 30 year’s experience from Xerox in ink formulation. Marcel is working to incorporate Nano Silver strands into various client center applications.