Transparent Flexible Paste

At NanoCnet, our material, Nano Silver Strands, is at the cutting edge of conductive nanoparticles. We always love to tell people about how by adding our strands to ink, we can make a near-invisible layer to carry electricity or generate heat.  We, however, make a silver paste that has less silver per weight and can be applied thinner than anything else on the market. 

So how do you use less silver in your ink on a thinner layer without increasing resistance?  It is simple, take the flakes of silver and add in a longer thinner form of silver to create a network between them. 

Let us explain when a conductive ink is solely made up of silver flake, there need’s to a large number of layers to ensure that there is adequate contact to allow for electricity to be passing through the entire electrode. Think of it as a bunch of coins spread over a surface.  If you just threw them across a carpet, some would overlap, but many would-be separate from the coin next to it.  One solution to this, simply add more coins into the mix, ensuring that there are several layers of coins on top of each other.   This solution is going to require more coins and therefore increase cost, as well your depth of coins is going to need to be deep.  The other option is to mix in some shorter strands of wire into the mix.  By adding the long thin pieces of wire, you don’t need nearly the same amount of layers to get a consistent connection throughout all the coins.  

This is how we make our silver paste.  We take our proprietary One Dimensional Nano Silver Strand (wire in the example) and mix it in with the plate-like shaped silver flake (the coins).  By doing this, we can get far better connectivity with a considerably thinner substance with far less silver needed. 

You can see a demonstration of this material in this video.


One thing we didn’t mention: it’s flexible.  And we mean flexible and able to withstand repeated bending.  This is because in part Nanosilver strands structure is a special geometric shape allowing the strands to be able to bend without losing contact.  Also due to the minuscule size of the particle, any bend is massive when compared to the relative size of the particle.

At NanoCnet, we talk a lot about our transparent inks made out of only our Nano Silver Strands, Such as our flexible transparent electrode or our flexible transparent heater.  But our Silver paste is something that a lot of companies can benefit from, which already use silver paste just made out of silver flake.  Solar panels are an example of a vast industry that could use our paste, which has a far lower amount of silver per weight and a lower environmental impact.  Oh, that something else we forgot to mention how we make the strands that go into the pastes does not require any energy to be added and is exceptionally environmentally friendly. 

If you want to check out our paste, you can find more info here.  If you have any questions or about our material we are always happy to help so please feel free to contact us.



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