Bottle of Nano Silver strands in water

We at NanoCnet are launching a new product line at IDTechEx on November 20 th. This product line includes three new applications of our revolutionary Nano Silver Strand technology. All three are thermally curing products, NanoSilvex T-01 is a transparent conductive ink, NanoSilvex H-01 is a transparent heater ink, and NanoSilvex P-01 is a conductive paste. All of the new products we are launching utilize our Nano Silver Strands to provide the high level of performance they are able to achieve.

Nano Silver Strands can be utilized in a new generation of highly conductive, flexible and stable materials. They are inherently more stable and durable than their nanowire counterparts, flexible compared to ceramic conductive materials such as Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), and more conductive than carbon-based conductive materials.

Nano Silver Strands are thermodynamically stable because their major surfaces crystal planes are in the lowest energy state, whereas silver nanowires are at the highest energy level.

The unique crystal structure of Nano Silver Strands makes it durable under thermal, electrical and chemical stress. Another large benefit of this configuration is that silver strand production is that it is easily scalable and green.
Each of our new products benefits from the attributes of Nano Silver Strands, enhanced with specialized formulations that make them ideal for a number of distinct applications.



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