May 4, 2017


Conductive Ink : Conductive inks have gained huge attention in recent years due to their use in printed electronics and flexible devices. Silver nanowire inks have huge potential to use in next generation electronics due to their intriguing thermal, electrical, and optical properties. Silver nanowires inks lend themselves well with flexible substrates which have attracted more attention because of their applications in the production of emerging flexible optoelectronics.

NanoCnet Ltd. has manufactured a new generation silver ink which is manufactured at room temperature and can be used to make printed and flexible devices.

Transparent Conductive Film: Transparent conductive films are a crucial component of many electronic devices, such as touch panels, displays (LCD, OLED, PDP), solar cells, and smart windows. These thin films need to be electrically conductive, and at the same time, transparent to light.

NanoCnet Ltd. has manufactured a silver-based transparent conductive film which are manufactured at room temperature. The silver nanostructure is stable in the ambient environment and in the flexible film which makes it a promising option to use for emerging flexible electronics. NanoCnet film is appropriate for thin solar cells, printed electronics, touch screens and smart windows